Personal Growth & Awareness

Available as both Talks & Workshops

Shifty Maneuvers – discover how to drive, shift, and reverse bravely in your life

Invite your Demons to Lunch – learn from your fears instead of giving them control

Relationship Residue – learn to use negative emotional leftovers to improve your life

Serial Lovers, Flakes we have Known – discover why we often continue to choose the same types of partners

Mommy Weirdest – learn to be bravely and lovingly authentic instead of socially correct

Ruby Slippers – learn to feel at home in your own world

Consistent See – discover how to make intentional choices to create the life you want

Throw Out your Pictures – expose the negatives behind your aspirational images

Other Offerings

  • One-on-one guided personal awareness sessions
  • Fully customizable workshops and talks are available on the above or related topics.
  • Individual problem solving and awareness sessions can also be accommodated.
  • Multiple workshops may be scheduled as a series.
  • Public Workshops are offered periodically.