Communication & Awareness


Faulty Connections – how assumptions and unspoken concerns impede communication

The Weight of Emotional Baggage – how personal histories can weigh us down

Oh Say Can You See What You’re Saying? – why it’s a good idea to listen to yourself

Why Knots – untangling the drivers behind your plans and goals

What’s in it for Me? – the three reasons people do what they do

Right at Work – how your current job can be more like your dream job

Cultivating Positive Change – how to identify the choices that will fuel your goals


One Moment Please – uncover the unspoken and misspoken to increase understanding

How to Pack Light – recognize and reduce the weight of emotional baggage

You Said It – discover how you’re already answering many of your own questions

Solving for Y – learn how to identify your true intentions to design an ideal outcome

What Motivates People – discover the positive impact of connecting versus convincing

Pro Motions – learn to apply aspects of your dream job to your current job position

On Target – learn to use an assessment system to make choices that support your goals

Other Offerings

  • Name and tagline generation
  • Fully customizable workshops and talks are available on the above or related topics.
  • Individual problem solving and awareness sessions can also be accommodated.
  • Multiple workshops may be scheduled as a series.
  • Public Workshops are offered periodically.