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individual sessions

Cinse Bonino
facilitator, speaker, & guide

The work of see choose do

Cinse Bonino, creator and owner of see choose do, works with individuals and groups to help them:

  • recognize the inherent conditions and concepts in their current environment
  • identify what they want to define, promote, design, teach, or solve
  • select the components most useful for creating what they desire
  • make decisions and actions congruent with their goals

Questions see choose do can help answer

  • Are we headed in the direction we want to go?
  • Why do we feel stuck; what’s stopping us?
  • Are we all having the same conversation?
  • How can we define and deliver what we’re trying to communicate or teach?
  • How can we refine what we’ve started?
  • How can we solve this seemingly unsolvable problem?
  • How can we think about our resources in new ways?
  • Why do we keep making the same mistakes?
  • How can we get others to understand our message or purpose?
  • How can we ramp up our creativity?
  • How can we benefit creatively from our differences?
  • How can we work more effectively together?
  • What do I actually want out of my relationship, job, situation, life?

Why Cinse

Below is a list of characteristics, skills, life and educational experiences, and tendencies,which when combined result in Cinse’s ability to help see choose do clients connect to useful concepts and choices:

  • Designed and taught Creativity courses at the college level for almost 15 years presented on the interplay of cognition, neurons, and Creativity at the Marconi Institute’s Creativity Conference in Bologna, Italy
  • Currently writing a book on Creativity, with a preface written by Martin Cooper
  • Designed and delivered workshops for college faculty, staff, and students
  • Worked with faculty members to design effective educational experiences
  • Earned a Masters in Education with a focus on the Psychology of Human Learning
  • Attended the Harvard Mind, Brain, and Education Institute
  • Worked as a creative consultant and copywriter
  • Created workshops for an educational seminar company
  • Was editor-in- chief for an online magazine for girls
  • Writes, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and plays
  • Grew up with a mechanical engineer father and an artist/designer mother
  • Processes rapidly and is highly intuitive
  • Has a deep desire to help individuals revel in their own authenticity
  • Does not believe there is only one right way to do anything
  • Understands there is power and usefulness in differences